Château La Courançonne

A little history
As of the year on thousand, and more than five hundred years this property belonged to a religious community of the «Chartreuse» order. Grape-growing was not unknown to them; in 1631, the order leased some land and had it planted with grapevines.
Prosperity and frequently meagre harvest followed on upon the other, making this vast property vulnerable and on 1734, by royal decree, then by Pope Clement XII Th’s bull, all the lands and buildings became part of the bishopric of Orange.
Strict management policies gradually valorised the harvest. A large flock of sheep was maintained on the property, thanks to heath land dotted with clearings. Seized during the French Revolution as a National Property, it was sold again a few years later.
Grapevines and madder-wort continued to flourish until the end of the 19th century and the terrible years of phylloxera.
In then 1920’s the vineyard was reborn. In 1925 a Renault tractor was bought. It is still on the property, having been lovingly restored, and is often admired by visitors.
During the 1930’s Maurice Trintignan –called Pétoulet– the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix in 1955, from a winegrowing family, enlarged La Courançonne.
Later on, the creation of “Appellation d’Origine” was a form of recognition of this exceptional soil. The vineyard continued to be developed and this ancient property by way of hard work became one the masterpieces of the Rhone Valley.

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