Château Goudray

This large Provence style house, known as "Bastide" in French, boasts an inner yard which was originally entirely enclosed, proof of the age of the domain. As early as the 17th Century, Château Goudray became dedicated to the production of wine. The archives of the village of Séguret state that the vineyards were "well  kept and lined with mature trees ".
At the beginning of the 19th Century, the cellar was equipped with masonry vats. It was a real luxury at the time, thus confirming the fact that wine production was already fairly significant.
In 1900 Marie and Hugues Meffre acquiered the domaine with a  vineyard reconstituted after the devastating effect of the phylloxera years.
By way of work, they both reconstituted early all the plots. As of 1920, the harvests, finally stable, enabled them to set up the very beginning of sales network. The wine in barrels was regularly sent to Paris.  Later on it was in bottles. In 1934 thier son Régis, was an innovator in settling up more profitable presses. Because of the fact that they apply pressure slowly and quite progressively, they guarantee a high-quality juice. The tannin which is extracted there from is soft and silky and may be blended to advantage with other wines in order to yield vatfuls of wine which faithfully express the soil. We going already to a quality production.
During this time the Château Goudray will undergo change beaucause the vineyard is expanded and the material has evolved, but the phylosophy has remained the same : quality !

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